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Chemical and Catalytic Reaction Engineering
Carberry, J.J.
ISBN:0-486-41736-0pages: 621Price range : US$30 ~ US$60
Dover Publications Inc., 2001
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Chemical Reaction Engineering, (3rd Ed.)
Levenspiel, O
ISBN:0-471-25424-Xpages: 654Price range : US$30 ~ US$60
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1999
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Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations (3rd Ed.)
Chopey, N.P.
ISBN:0-07-136262-2pages: 800Price range : US$60 ~ US$90
McGraw-Hill, 2004
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Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers (3rd Ed)
Branan, K
ISBN:0750675675pages: 426
Gulf Publishing Company, 2002
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